Tips for Taking Your Huge Bongs Rips

Bong rips were really the best way to experience the marijuana effects fast and hard much before dabs existed. While there are many who are really enjoying by using their bongs, but there are many others who are scared by the very thought of it due to its harsh hit.

Though many people do not remember their first experience of bong hit, which is perhaps because bongs can do their job very well.

However, one must know few top-class tips of getting ultra-smooth rips of bong which will get you high. Get a good quality of bong from Express smoke shop which is a well-known supplier of all kinds of accessories for smoking.

Following few tips can be quite useful for bong rips:

  • Practice deep breathing

While smoking percolator bong, it is important to take slow with deep breaths. So, before you start using your piece and begin the process, make sure to practice enough deep breathing.

Exercising can open your lungs to increase breathing capacity.

  • Finely grind the dry herb

It is possible to break dry herb by using scissors that can be best way to improvise without the smoking supplies. But for even burn, a grinder will be necessary.

Finely ground herbs can burn slowly and evenly as against larger pieces.

  • Prevent couching with mint

People generally cough while smoking and smoke can create dry throat and mouth. However, you cannot drink water while smoking simultaneously. However, there can be another solution too.

You can keep a mint which will help creating moisture in the mouth and you can salivate.

  • Cool down your smoke

Percolators can lower the temperature of smoke quite a bit. However, there are few other ways too in order to cool down your smoke. Few water pipes will allow for having ice hits that are even smoother.

  • Pay attention to the bowl size

If you are planning to take large hit, you must use small bowl. In case you want to take little smaller hit then you must use any big bowl.

  • Monitor water content

The water present in your bong will make the smoking experience much different. Without using water, it will simply be just another glass pipe.

In fact, the down-stem must be submerged in water. For your bongs having multiple percolators, your percolators must also be in water.

  • Remove bowl gradually

Often most percolator bong smokers try to remove bowl with haste which is not correct. By removing the bowl can allow smoke to travel via the percolator bong, through throat and then into the lungs.

So, remove the bowl gradually, instead of all at once.

  • Take breath after end of your hit

Whether you smoke individually or along with your friends, you must make most of the herb. You must ensure that you don’t waste the smoke.

Therefore, simply end the hit with breath of little fresh air.

  • Exhale correctly

After you inhale the smoke from the percolator bong, you are not finished. To avoid major coughing, you must exhale properly.

  • Take bigger dosage

By taking little bigger dosage, you can enjoy the taste a little more.

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