4 Reasons Why People Move to Palm Beach

South Florida is a popular place for people to move. Those that move there are usually looking for a warm place to spend their days with plenty of activities and a comfortable lifestyle. Palm Beach is a coastal area that will allow you to experience everything that South Florida has to offer. Here are some of the primary reasons why people tend to purchase Palm Beach real estate.

No State Income Tax

Only seven of the 50 states in the country offer no state income tax. This is a huge benefit of living in Florida. This means that you’ll be able to bring home more of what you earn. It’s a primary reason why so many professional athletes, who make large salaries, choose to live in the state, even if they don’t play for one of the state’s teams. Living in Florida means that you’ll be able to keep more of your earnings than if you lived in most other states in the country.

International Airport

While not often the first thing that people think of when considering a place to live, it’s important to have an airport nearby. West Palm Beach has an international airport that can take you almost anywhere and is a short drive from Palm Beach. The airport serves up to seven million passengers a year with both domestic and international flights. If you go on vacation or have someone visit, it will be a short trip to the airport when you live in the Palm Beach community.


As you might expect from a town on Florida’s east coast, Palm Beach features beautiful beaches that you can use all you want. There are 47 miles of beaches that travel down the Palm Beach coast, with much of it available to the public. Living in this area allows you to be within a short walk or drive from the sandy coast, allowing you to take advantage of many activities. This includes surfing, boating, fishing, or simply lying in the sand on a warm, sunny day.

Golf Courses

With its tropical climate, Florida is a hotbed for golfers around the world and Palm Beach has several courses that you can play. These courses range from easier for beginners to championship courses for the more experienced. If you enjoy getting on the course for the afternoon, this is the perfect place to live as there are plenty of courses you can play each weekend.

There are several reasons why Palm Beach is such a popular place to which people choose to relocate. This includes its location on Florida’s east coast and the advantages that it provides. These are four common reasons why people choose to purchase Palm Beach real estate.

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