Become a Home Plumber and Resolve Minor Issues of Your Toilet

Toilet issues can be quite frustrating, especially when it leaks. It not only makes your bathroom unhygienic but can also increase your utility bills.

What Can Cause Toilets to Act Out

One moment your toilet is working fine, and the very next moment it starts acting weird. Now, this can be due to a number of reasons, which you might need to find out before determining if the issue is serious or minor.

If the issue is a major one, it better to leave it to professionals to carry out the repairs for you. If you live in and around Sydney, then you can search for plumbers Sydney, and you will find credible companies such as Wilco located at Wetherill Park, NSW. They will jump to the root cause of the problem and offer the best plumbing solutions for your toilet. They even have clear predefined rates that are economical.

Some of the reasons that your toilet might be giving you a problem include:

  • The flush tank keeps draining water into the bowl
  • Your flush tank is not able to drain water into the bowl
  • Water leakage in and around the tank
  • Water keeps dripping onto the bathroom floor
  • One or more components of your toilet are broken
  • Water clogging in the pipeline
  • The toilet flushes by itself
  • A broken or loose toilet handle
  • Water valve leakage

If you are handy with tools, then you can fix minor issues by yourself. Ensure that you exercise caution while doing so. While lifting the toilet flush tank or components, ensure that you place them carefully on the ground to avoid damage.

If your toilet requires certain parts to be changed, ensure that you purchase the component of the exact size to fit your toilet. You can even take the old part to the store and ask them to give you the exact matching piece.

If you are repairing a water leak, bear in mind to close off the water supply from the flush tank. Do not forget to empty the flush tank first.

Tips to Resolve Minor Toilet Problems

If your tank is dripping water into your toilet bowl, check the flapper or tank ball whether it is blocking the flush valve. If not, then you might need to replace the flapper. If the flapper is working fine, then the issue might lie with the flush valve.

If your flush tank is overflowing, then there might be something clogging the flush tank. Open the lid and inspect for any debris blocking the valve. Water leaking in and around the toilet might indicate that the toilet is broken and needs to be replaced. If the toilet bowl is intact, check the screws and bolts to see if they are loose and tighten them.

If you have an old pipeline, this might be a good time to replace it. Pipelines corrode within time, which leads to limescale and minerals forming inside them. This can accumulate and clog your flush line.


Do not experiment with your toilet, if you have no experience with fixing. Call in the experts who can offer the right plumbing solutions and make it functioning like before.

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