Layer Lightings Appropriately and Illuminate Your Bedroom the Right Way

Bedroom is one of the important rooms in our home. It is the space to relax and unwind after a long day. It isn’t the means for only sleeping. It is the only room we spend time in all lighting conditions – dark, bright or anywhere in between. There are several zones including the vanity and wardrobe, reading area, a small table for work apart from bed.

Layering lights in bedroom:

Getting the lighting part in bedroom right is very important. Layering lighting creates a balanced atmosphere. Your bedroom would need a medley of ambient and task lighting. If you wish to highlight certain key pieces, you’d require accent lighting apart from general lighting so that you can move about safely.

Ambience lighting: You can make a statement by opting for:

  • Traditional large centerpiece like a crystal chandelier or pendant that radiates light across the entire bedroom
  • Install many modern light fixtures

Chandeliers create a dramatic and romantic effect. If you are looking for chandeliers for your bedroom, you can purchase lights online to get access to a wide range of choices. Check out more crystal chandelier options at Sofary. They are the leading suppliers of affordable modern lighting fixtures. Their chandeliers are made from highest quality crystals.

Add a touch of class to your bedroom with their chandeliers. Another great option is pendant lights. Their spherical shape looks good from all angles. These lights come in various shapes and create a warm atmosphere.

Consider adding dimmers if you are opting for one bold statement piece. You don’t need bright light when you are transitioning to sleep. Dimmers are multi-functional and accommodate multiple lighting needs. They are functional when set to full brightness whilst they set the mood when set to lower brightness.

Accent lighting:

Accent lights are like secondary lighting of a room. Highlight key features of your bedroom with accent lighting options like tape lights, floor lamps, table lamps or wall scones. These radiate a pleasant glow and add a subtle illumination to ambience lights.

Task lighting:

You’ll need other lighting fixtures to create focus on specific tasks like reading or applying makeup. It can be something traditional like a desk light or table lamp or there are modern options like long hanging decorative pendants, wall-mounted task lights or scones.

Right bulb for bedroom:

  • Brightness: The brightness intensity of your lights imparts a positive/ negative influence on your mood. The recommended lumens range is 2000 and 4000 lumens and you can choose the value depending on the ambience you prefer.
  • Color: Incandescent bulbs emit a white glow while CFLs radiate more of blue both of which promote alertness and ideal of task lighting options. Soft white and warm yellow lights from LEDs work great for ambience lighting.

There should be a combination of ceiling lights, wall lights, floor lights and table lights in bedrooms. This way you can alter the level of lights depending on the activity you are doing and the time of the day. Create a balance between all lightings so that your bedroom lighting is about both style and functionality.

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