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Check for These Signs Before You Go for Roof Repair

Your roof is considered as main protection of your home that provides shelter. It protects from sun, rain and hail. It will take a beating almost every day and therefore often it may need repairs, restoration or even replacement.

So, how you can decide whether roof restoration Campbelltown is now really needed for your home? Following are few important signs that can tell you whether it is right time for considering about your roof repair or restoration.

  • A roof deck found to be sagging

Often you may notice your decking in the attic are sagging instead of straight, as they are wet due to leaking moisture. However, if it is in small area then you may avoid complete roof replacement.

  • Aging roof

As a rule, generally a roof must have 20 to 25 years life. Before that, you can manage by minor repairing. However, if it is more than 20 years and face regular problem then perhaps it is time to replace.

  • Blistering/peeling on exterior paint

In case your attic is very poorly ventilated, then moisture or increase in humidity may build up near your roofline that can cause your paint to get peeled or blistered.

  • Flashing roof

In most of the older homes, tar or cement was used for flashing. Therefore, look for any cracks, breaks or worn out areas.

  • Higher energy bills

Suddenly if your energy bill is increased then your warm or cool air must be leaking out of your roof. You must give hard look at your ventilation in your attic.

  • Leaks in your attic after rainstorm

In case rain is entering into the attic, then perhaps you need replacement of few flashings. However, if it is due to porous underlayment, then probably you need roof replacement.

  • Outside light presence in your attic

During the day, if you can see light streams coming in, then water too can invade the attic through those openings. Look at the shingles whether they need replacement.

  • Plenty of shingle granules seen in gutters

Asphalt shingles usually shed their granules, as they start wearing out. All these granules find their way often into the gutters. The granules will look like coarse and black sand.

  • Shingles are absent, curled or cracked

All these are indicating you that the lifespan of shingles is coming to their end. If you can see lots of such shingles, then you must consider for roof replacement.

  • Shingles are dirty, dark, or even wet

In case your shingles are permitting moisture to get trapped, then they are ineffective as the wetness will not be good under offending shingle.

  • Staining on interior walls or ceilings

There can be many reasons of discoloration or water stains on ceilings or walls but your roof’s underlayment is possibly allowing moisture into the home. Replacing the roof can solve this issue.

  • Wear and tear observed around roof openings

Your chimneys, pipes, vents, and other objects which penetrate the roof are those places where initial deterioration may develop. Often, the repairs are confined in these specific areas.

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