Face Masks: Effective Ways to Protect Yourself and Others

Covid-19 pandemic which started in China in December 2019 has spread worldwide. It has infected millions of people. As the vaccine and medicines are not available yet, people have to follow some safety measures to protect themselves. That said, coronavirus is very severe for people who are elderly and who already have health issues.

Covid-19 is an airborne disease, which spread through droplets released from an infected person, while coughing, sneezing and talking. So, any other person working closely with him can be infected too. Lot of evidence has shown that the use of face masks at all public places is an effective way to stop the spread of coronavirus. The main reason is that by wearing a mask you are not just protecting yourself, but you are protecting others too.

Many people with covid-19 positive do not show any symptoms, and hence they are unaware of the situation. In such cases, if they come in close proximity with other people then they can spread this virus to them too. Hence, face masks are very essential in such case as it curbs the spread of droplets released from the infected person.

There are many different types of masks available in the market. However, we need to identify which one is more effective for us. As per our research, high filtration FDA approved masks are the best. Custom Earth Promos, a company located at Delray Beach Florida, USA are specialized in making reusable custom bags and high quality of face masks.

These are made from natural recycled bottles and other recycled materials. They are also in manufacturing of large quantities of high filtration masks. KN95 masks are one of them. As per CDC recommendation, KN95 masks are very essential for health workers, who are treating coronavirus patients.

These are types of respirator masks, which fit closely to face and are made to filter out tiny particles from the air you breathe in. It is also important to understand that these face masks are not suitable for the following groups:

  1. People who have respiratory illness or other health problems, which makes breathing difficult with a mask on.
  2. It is also not suitable for children and people with beard as it doesn’t fit them properly.

Now the question that arises is does the mask really work? The answer is simple, and no mask can give you 100% protection. Social distancing and hand sanitizing are also very essential measures to follow to protect you. Also, we need to keep in mind that due to the rising cases of coronavirus, there can be shortage of these masks.

In such cases, the alternative would be to use clothes like scarf, and bandanas. It is more important to cover your nose and mouth whether you feel sick or not. You might also see people wearing surgical masks (with flimsy paper masks). This is actually not effective as it doesn’t fit properly on your face.

Always remember one thing, your health and safety is in your hands. You need to decide how to protect yourself and your family.

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