How Beginners Can Choose A Reliable Online Headshop?

Internet is saturated with numerous online headshops offering a variety of pipes, bongs, vaporizers, vape pens, rolling papers, grinders, and relevant accessories. The choice of a right smoke shop to buy a vaping device seems to be challenging, especially for beginners.

Shopping on is advantageous because you get a wide variety of smoking products at an affordable price range. You can purchase discreetly from home without any concern about social stigma [being seen by a friend at the local smoke shop carrying a new bong]. The online head shop offers amazing deals on holidays and festivals.

What to look out for while choosing an online smoke shop?

Product quality

Online stores display numerous smoking devices, gear, accessories, and more. You get exposed to multiple options of the product you need to buy in terms of material, style, shape, color, features, and customization. However, it is the quality that you are concerned about. Good quality water pipes or vaping devices are durable. You can enjoy them for a long time. Check for brand verification.

Fake products are a genuine dilemma, which is plaguing each sector and smoke shops are no exception. Buyers feel that they choose a good brand, which possibly may have not complied with the protocol and safety standards. As you will be using something that will enter your body, it is necessary to be cautious. Therefore, check the worthiness of the site.

As it is an online shop, you can browse through the comment section of the head shop website to read customer reviews. Past clients will certainly have to say something about the product they purchased and the customer service received. A reputable supplier will always focus on the product quality they sell to their customers.


A good online smoke shop offers warranties on their products, especially electronics. The policies need to be transparent and clear as well as positioned in clear view. If customers have to search for shipping charges or warranties or return policies, it means you need to move to another online smoke shop. If they don’t offer a warranty but are charging for handling & shipping, then they will not offer a return policy. Glass bongs and electronic vaporizers need to have some warranty and easy return policy if customers got a chipped bong delivered.

Return & breakage policy

Check the return & breakage policy because there are chances that you can a wrong or broken product delivered at your doorstep. Some online head shops replace the damaged product, but you will need to send them a photo in the box for evidence. This has a time limit set like make claim within the first 12 days of product delivery. The supplier handles the shipping cost of sending the product back and shipping the replaced product.

Make sure that the online smoke shop has a secure and simple payment method. Even check the affordability of their shipping charges and when the product gets dispatched. You also need to compare prices of the same product of different brands to get a good deal. There is a lot of research necessary to get the right supplier and the correct product.

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