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Some Ultimate Tips For Your Inexpensive and Realistic Bathroom Remodeling Project

Are you thinking of remodeling your bathroom? Well, it’s a great idea to make them look more clean, bright, and beautiful. It may be your home or office bathroom. A well-designed, clean, and hygienic bathroom gives a better impression to your visitors. Apart from having health benefits, it has a positive influence on their mind for a long time.

Is remodeling your bathroom a high budget and lengthy project? Will your bathroom system be hindered from proper functioning after the completion of the project?

Do these nightmares are worrying you? Are they holding you back from stepping into your dream project? Well, there is a better answer to your concept.

A highly experienced professional can have good planning and creativity to complete your bathroom renovation North York, without hampering your budget and timelines. The Cedar Hills Contracting has been providing interior and exterior renovations services in the entire cities and villages of Ontario in Canada for more than 12 years. They have a team of highly experienced professionals.

They are expertise in renovation and remodeling services for kitchen, bathroom, patio, fence, doors, windows, and much more for your residential and commercial needs. They have low priced quotations and excellent workmanship to complete your project on time.

Here are a few remodeling ideas to complete your bathroom remodeling in your budget:

  1. Flooring:You can consider vinyl flooring rather than replace your entire flooring with new tiles and marbles. If you have a wooden floor, you can go for wooden vinyl or some waterproof enamel paints. It saves a lot of money and provides the same attractive look that high-cost tiles can give.
  2. Reduce less side-walls tiles:The idea of covering your entire bathroom’s side walls with tiles can be more expensive. You may run out of your budget. You can put a single horizontal layer of tiles on the lower part of the side walls. The rest of the side walls can be painted with attractive texture designs. It gives an artistic and realistic look to your bathroom. It also saves huge money from your budget.
  3. Do not change the existing plumbing system:You can replace your shower, bathtub, and toilet system. But you should not consider moving them to a different location within your bathroom. This will cause a change in your entire plumbing system, making your project to be more expensive and time-consuming.
  4. Countertops, shower, and Bathtub:If your countertops, sink, and the bathtub has developed yellow stains, cracks, and scratches, you can go for relining and refinishing instead of replacing. You can use white cement or polyester fillers to cover the cracks and scratches. You can buy an eco-friendly chemical to clean the yellow stains and dull looks of your countertops, shower, and bathtub.

The countertops can be decorated with some DIY methods like designing stuff holders and soap dispensers using some cans and containers available in your kitchen. You can consider changing and updating showerheads, faucets, and light fittings. It will cost you less than replacing the entire system with a new one. These small changes will also give a bright and shiny look to your shower and sink.

You can also replace old curtains with new glass doors for a delightful look. You should install low-flow showers, toilets, and sinks to reduce water consumption. It is not only environmentally friendly but also saves on your water bills.

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