What Used Cars Should I Look for?

According to research put together by industry experts, some used cars are just better than others. This means they are more reliable, hold their value better, and require less maintenance. That is precisely what you are looking for. If you purchase the right used car, it won’t feel, look, or drive like an old broken down junker. Spend your time now putting in your due diligence to find your perfect match.

You’re on a budget and need a new-to-you car. There are plenty of these vehicles available to you at the used car dealership in Wallingford. Some of the top options include:

Nissan Altima- There’s a lot to love about an Altima, whether it is new or used. Good looks plus a comfortable cabin means this sedan is sure to be a vehicle you’re proud to drive. The newest models are loaded with the latest driver-assist technology, but even older versions are great too. Because every Nissan Altima is made with top technology and good looks, they age exceptionally well.

Toyota Corolla- For many people, when they think “reliable” they think “Toyota.” There is a reason for this! You can purchase a Toyota Corolla that is 5 year old for around $15,000. This car will be good-looking and reliable for another 15 years! As one of the most well-loved cars on the road, the Toyota Corolla is an ideal choice for anyone looking to purchase a compact car.

Hyundai Elantra- Want something budget-friendly? A Hyundai Elanatra should have all the features you need without breaking the bank. They look good, drive well, and won’t force you to stop at the gas station too often.

Ford Focus- It is possible and even likely to see a sporty Ford Focus that is a few years old priced for less than $10,000. That’s perfect for those on a tight budget. The Ford Focus pushes beyond what you expect from a compact car. It is an ideal car if you are looking for something stylish and budget friendly.

Nissan Versa- It isn’t uncommon to see a 2019 Nissan Versa sitting right next to a 2009 Nissan Versa on the used car lots. These little guys can chug along for years and years! In fact, you can purchase a ten year old car that already has 100,000 miles on it and feel confident you’ll get many more. Some are hatchback and some are small sedan body types. Which one is your favorite?

Honda Civic- You knew this one was going to make the list! In fact, it isn’t uncommon to see Honda Civics on the road that are older than some of the drivers! With three body choices, sedan, coupe, and hatchback, and seven trims brimming with standard features, a used Honda Civic offers something for everyone.

This list is only the beginning! Be sure to also look into the Nissan Versa, Dodge Caliber, and Subaru Outback. Your chosen used car dealership will have plenty of options.

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