How to Get Music on Spotify and iTunes as an Independent Artist?

Spotify and iTunes are a great place to develop a fan base, advertise your music, as well as bond with relevant music artists. It is hard for a new artist, to get listeners for their music on these platforms.

In this article, we will discuss ways of how you can produce more Spotify and iTunes streams easily.

Importance of Music Distributors in Getting Your Music Online

MusicDigi is the best platform that helps get your music on Deezer and in various key music stores and streaming services such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal, Apple Music, Deezer, and more.


  • Enhance the visibility of the music artist online
  • It helps upload and sell ringtones and music (album/song/playlist) on popular music stores and streaming stores.
  • The platform collects royalties and payments and sends the collected earnings to artists.

Ways to Sell Music on Popular Streaming Services

Spotify has over 75 million paid music subscribers. Due to the wide popularity of this platform, several music artists who are not contracted by any record label wants to obtain more Spotify streams. Here are the ways by which you can sell your music on streaming services.

You need to get the assistance of a music distributor service to get your music on Spotify and iTunes and other key music platforms. These services can handle distribution as well as licensing of music to various music streaming services.

When Can A Music Artist Start Earn By Uploading Their Music Online?

Music distributors are the right approach to sell your music online. Once the service providers upload your music on the online music stores, it takes around four to five days to appear live on that music platform.

After the song/album goes live on the digital store, they form a verified profile for the artist. It does not just help in enhancing the credibility but also the visibility of the business. A music artist can gain access to their profile and playlist management tools, view stats, or lots.

They can pay royalties to the artists when their music starts to stream on Spotify. Music artists get paid directly from the service into their account held with the service. So, if you wish to put your song on Spotify, and other major music stores and streaming services, then get registered with MusicDigi.

Ways to Publish Your Music on Apple Music

Once you register on the music distributor platform, you can easily music on Apple Music. The service provider does all the work to get your music into TikTok, and other music stores/streaming services. It provides genres ranging from folk and classical to Indie funk and rock.

Apple Music Connect aids new and established singers to post and share their videos, photos, lyrics, and songs, with their fans worldwide. The process of uploading music is nearly the same in all music stores.


The area of music streaming is developing at a fast rate. Using these ways, fresh and budding music artists can easily get their album/songs/playlists introduced to the world through Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, and more.

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