Go Car Shopping Now and Take Advantage of Holiday Sales

The Holiday Season is finally here! For nearly all of us, that means a lot of shopping in your future. What do you plan on shopping for over the next month? Some are ready to begin the exciting process of shopping for new cars in Wallingford, CT. Does this include you? If so, congratulations!

You may be thinking “Yes, I need a new car but I’d rather wait until after the Holiday Season. There is so much going on right now, I cannot possibly fit in car shopping as well.” This line of thinking is understandable, but it is a mistake. If you do this, it is quite possible that you’ll end up spending much more on the same car.

This Holiday Season, buy yourself something special that you both want and need. No, this doesn’t mean the newest iPhone. Now is the perfect time to get yourself a new car! You see, there are several reasons to take a break from Holiday Season shopping, parties, gift wrapping, and cooking to purchase that new car you’ve had your eye on all year.

There’s probably Holiday Season sales to take advantage of. This time of year, you’re looking at the perfect situation for saving money! Yes, car dealerships want to clear out space for new models coming in soon. By the end of the year, dealerships are likely trying to sell off existing inventory to make room for the brand new cars they’d rather have on the lot instead. This means “older” models are priced to move! Wait! You want a new car, not an older model. You can get the best deal on a new car that is now considered one model year old. Even though it may only have 20 miles on it, they want it off the lot and out of their hands. There’s more, though, because dealerships often announce Holiday discounts and lower car prices in November and December. Whether they call it a Holiday Sale, Winter Sales Event, December Extravaganza, an End of the Year Clearance Event, or anything else, what it means is that you’re saving big.

If you wait until January, you won’t get to take advantage of these Holiday Season sales. Someone else will have taken the priced-to-sell new cars and you’ll be looking at the more expensive models that just landed on the dealership lot. Will it be a fantastic car? Yes! Will you love it? Yes! Will it be priced as low as it would have been a month earlier? No, it won’t be. This could be the difference of a few thousand dollars. Also consider that if you get financing, which most people do, you’ll be paying interest on these extra few thousand dollars.

Experts have determined that it’s cheaper to buy a car in the final months of the year due to the factors mentioned above. You’ll save money on car purchases by shopping at this time of the year. Go ahead and mark your calendar to visit the new car dealership soon!

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